Dear Friends,

I have decided to officially enter my name as a candidate for the Bellevue City Council in the Ward One race. This was not a decision that I easily made. It took a lot of soul searching to determine if it was something that I really had a desire to do. After much deliberation and long discussions with my wife Debra, I have come to the conclusion that this is the time for me to take this leap of faith and continue to serve the City of Bellevue in another capacity. 

The City of Bellevue has had some very difficult issues which we, as community have been forced to endure. We have a severe vacancy rate for commercial structures on Fort Crook Road and Galvin Road. The Olde Town area has had little infusion of new businesses and continues to stagnate. Hayworth Park was decimated by two consecutive years of flooding, and our past council has continued the policy of infusion of public funds towards the purchase of private property with no adequate plans for the disposition of the land.

I have laid out several specific position statements which are available for you to view on my web site. They are detailed and express my views and positions on many different issues which our community faces. My twenty five years of experience as an employee of the City of Bellevue has given me a very unique ability to evaluate our communities problems and develop positions which I believe will move the City of Bellevue forward in a positive direction.

Ward One has a special and unique place in our community, as it is the original foundation of our City. I am proud to say that I was raised in old town and continue to reside here. I have been a resident of the City of Bellevue for forty five years. That is why I feel so compelled to take on this task. We have the responsibility of leaving our community in better shape for our children and grandchildren, just as our forefathers did for us. I seriously question if we are accomplishing this task.

I have taken the position during the primary that I will not accept any financial contributions. As we proceed to the general election I must ask for your support, whether that be financially or with your help delivering signs or walking your neighborhoods promoting my candidacy. We will be sponsoring a fund raiser in the very near future and Debra and I would be extremely pleased if you would attend.

Until then, thank you sincerely for all your support in the past and your continued support in the future.